We know what it takes to create and design websites that work for you. We have decades of experience working with technology, systems and software. From this we know that technology is most beneficial when it’s embraced by the businesses who use it. A website is a tool for your business, in the way a hammer is a tool for a carpenter. This is where the biggest opportunities exist.

We enjoy working with individuals and business who are, or want to develop skills to be active partners in managing their websites and video content. Helping individuals to use and develop solutions that work as hard as they do ensures they get the most from their investments.

What can be done today through a website or video would have been unthinkable even 10 years ago. Much of what businesses need is available through tried and tested processes and software alongside tools that are usually as close as the smartphone in your pocket. We pride ourselves in bringing together the right tools for your business’s needs and helping you to develop the skills you need to manage your specific website and video solutions.

Our Work

Lynne Maciver

“I have a creative side that makes its way into my work across the different technologies we work with. This underpins the way I tell the customer’s stories, whether it’s on websites or through video. More and more these two services are becoming synonymous, websites without video will soon look dated.”

Lynne has experience in designing websites, defining the processes to get the most out of technology and implementing technology with robust project management. She brings together teams of talented people to ensure the right skills are always available for the job.

Findlay Maciver

“I bring a structured approach to delivering technology solutions and work with individuals face to face to develop their skills and confidence. This ensures the work we do brings long term benefits to the businesses we work with.”

Findlay has experience working with a wide range of technologies supporting business in their day to day activities. He works with security, back-ups, hosting and website recovery to ensure your business website is safe and secure.

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