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Stablising your smartphone for smooth video footage

Hints and tips to get smooth, stable footage and video on your smartphone.

This article is part of a wider series of hints and tips to help you great video from your smartphone. Check out the rest of the series.


Stabilise the camera. Lean your phone against anything that doesn’t move. Invest in a tripod and holder if you’re planning to do this a lot. I use a smartphone holder bracket* with my iPhone as I like the flexibility of using it on different tripods. There are plenty of excellent all-in-one’s to choose from, consider where you are likely to be when you are recording. Do you need something that is floor standing so you can record yourself speaking to the camera in a warehouse? Or if you will always be filming at your desk you will need something simpler?

MPS Digital tips to stablise your video

Tripods / Monopods

Monopods can be a flexible and accessible way to get really creative with video on your phone. This video by Peter McKinnon really changed how I saw a monopod. He uses it to great affect to get a range of shots that keeps video fresh and interesting, check it out here: MONOPODS are the worst… Said no one ever.

(He is using a top of the range DLR camera, but the movements work no matter the camera, or for that matter, smartphone.)

When I decided to invest in one, I was certain the portability would suit my needs. I needed something I could set up and use hands free when out and about. After A LOT of research I eventually settled on a Manfrotto Monopod*, it’s definitely earned it’s keep!


A gimbal for your smartphone* is also a good investment if you will be moving around a lot to keep your shots steady. Gimbals use motors and sensors to support and stabilise the phone which gives you smooth video footage while you are moving about.

The most recent GoPro cameras offer incredible built in stabilisers. If your business is showing people around your outdoor spaces or taking part in activities, then consider this as a solution the next step up from using a smartphone.

No kit?

If you get caught out without any means of holding your phone while recording, it can help to lean your body against a wall. Hold your phone with 2 hands as close to your body as is comfortable. This will give you a much steadier shot than filming with your arms reaching out in front of you.

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